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Hiya :) My name is Shane and I am 23 years old. Some of my interests are Star Trek, Tokusatsu, Avatar, Doctor Who, Digimon, Pokemon, Battlestar Galatica and a lot of other stuff. I hope you enjoy my blog!

…and I always will be.

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[10 Days of TOS] - 10 Favorite Quote - Kirk from Wrath of Khan
How we deal with death is at least as important as how we deal with life.”


make me choose: star trek v: the final frontier or star trek ii: the wrath of khan


from Star Trek: Titan [video]

Luna-class designed by Sean Tourangeau
modeled by Tobias Richter

I love the detail of the Luna.  You?

 ”I have no powers. Q the Ordinary.”

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I really didn’t have to work, shall we say, with “Star Trek.” It was natural. When I opened my mouth, there was Scotty. It’s like I tell people; what you see in Scotty is 99% James Doohan and 1% accent.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation + Favorite Episodes: 3x13 - Deja Q

"As I learn more and more what it is to be human, I am more and more convinced that I would never make a good one."

[10 Days on ENT] 02 - Favorite Episode - 2x02 Carbon Creek

Why didn’t we do this six years ago?

We were not ready. 

I was. 

No, we were both too young, too unaware. We lacked commitment. 

Perhaps we lacked courage as well. 

No longer.

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And you’ll miss her…the way you’ll miss me.

Favorite TV Shows: Battlestar Galactica

Favorite TV Shows: Battlestar Galactica


Data + Spot

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Favourite Trek Episodes: Far Beyond the Stars (DS9)

"Walk with the Prophets brother Benny! Write the words that will lead us out of the darkness and onto the path of righteousness”

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